4 Things Every Lions Fan Should Be Mentally Prepared For…

Calvin Johnson celebrating after a road win over Oakland

#1: Not being able to run the football at all for the rest of the season.

I used to be concerned about Detroit’s lack of ground game. Then they played Oakland and finally embraced their offensive one dimensionality. Stafford was 29/52 for 391 yards and 4 TD’s in a game when everyone knew he was throwing on virtually every down. Detroit’s offense now consists almost entirely of bailout 3rd & long conversions, bailout pass interferes and bailout TDs, but last week (just like several other weeks this season) it was good enough to win.

#2: Giving up a lot of passing yards.

Detroit’s defensive backfield is suspect. However; just like their offense gets bailout completions, their defense gets bailout sacks. All season results have trended on the side of Detroit’s defense making plays to seal games (see Carson Palmer being sacked yesterday, Joe Webb forced to fumble the week prior, etc.)

#3: Winning the Superbowl.

It could happen. Lions fans should be humble and polite but with WR Calvin “Megatron” Johnson and QB Matthew Stafford they can (quite literally) score at any moment, on any drive from any yard line. As long as they’re in the game, they can win the game.

#4: Jim Schwartz wearing some crazy outfit in the playoffs.

Last week Lions Head Coach Jim “The Haircut” Schwartz (as some fans have affectionately nicknamed him) turned down the volume with a black mock turtleneck and silver zip-up wind breaker. A modest combo but we’re not out of the woods yet. Ever since the cashmere hoodie (and subsequent facial hair) incident (and by incident I mean debacle) during Detroit’s blowout loss at Chicago (their worst of the season) many Detroit fans expressed concern about Schwartz’s fashion sense. Please stick with the haircut Coach; let’s not go back to Chicago.

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