4 Reasons Jeremy Lin Will Play For China In The 2012 Summer Olympics

Responses varied. Some said he was born in California. Others said I “sounded ignorant.”
A few days ago I tweeted "for whom will Lin play in the Olympics?"

Lin will play for China.  Here’s why:

1) He’s NOT playing for the US: 
USA Basketball Chairman Jerry Colangelo confirmed unequivocally this week that Lin will not play for USA, saying “you have to pay your dues first.”

2) He’s NOT playing for Taiwan:
Taiwan (a.k.a. Chinese Taipei) did not qualify for the Summer Games.  Even if Lin wanted to play for them he couldn’t, they’re not eligible.

3) He’s too famous not to play: 
Money talks.  To leave Linception out of the Olympics is to leave him off the television.  To leave him off TV means millions of lost viewers (Asian and non-Asian) worldwide.  Effectively leaving millions of dollars on the table.

4) He talks to Yao Ming after every game: 
Linception may be balling now but it wasn’t long ago he was on the verge of being cut by the Knicks and out of the NBA.  Had he been cut by the Knicks where might he have landed?  You guessed it:  The Shanghai Sharks.  Yao had the contract ready. Don’t believe me? Just ask him…

Big Bank Take Little Bank

His maternal grandmother is Chinese:
According to The New York Times Lin’s Maternal Grandmother fled China in the 1940’s. According to The Dan Patrick Show if China granted him citizenship he’d be eligible to play.  I could go on about how the 2008 Spanish team doing “chinky eyes” in their team photo at the Beijing Olympics also plays a huge role in this. You think Lin isn’t aware of who was on that team? (Gasol, Calderon, Rubio, etc.)

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