A Tale Of Two Whitneys: Dubb Davis Not So Torn In Ironic 1st Round Tourney Match-Up

When I saw Michigan drew Ohio in the 1st round of this year’s NCAA Tournament I immediately thought of (and text messaged) Whitney Davis.  Our classmate at Ann Arbor Pioneer – Whitney, carried the torch (passed to him by Ryan Sidney) as the best basketball player in his class.

I wondered who Whit would root for and I also flashed back to deep resentment towards Michigan Administration (and more specifically, toward Tommy Amaker) for not recruiting Whitney.

The more I thought about it, Amaker not recruiting Whit is the ultimate violation, and Karma took his (Amaker’s) job for it.  It’s NOT like it was the Fab Five Era.  Why not take a chance on the home. town. kid.

Whit went on to play, well – and in the NCAA tournament at Ohio and if I am not mistaken he is still the school’s all-time leader in minutes played (for a single season.)  You’re telling me the Ohio Bobcats all-time leader in minutes played couldn’t have done a decent job?  In a role with the with ’04-’05 Michigan Wolverines?

Do you even remember the result of Michigan’s season in 2005?
I would kill Jim Tressel with my bare hands and I can’t even tell you what Mich hoops did in 2005.

sidenote: in the ’04-’05 season (a.k.a. “the era in question”) The Michigan Wolverines didn’t even make the NIT.  While the Bobcats?  Well…

the Bobcats were dancing.

Stenograph Transcript:
Phone Conversation: Whitney Davis
3/14/12 6:38pm

So my initial feeling when I saw this was it was definitely a crazy situation for you.

But then I thought about it and I felt like if I were you, I would be rooting for Ohio.  No question.
Yeah, that’s a definite.

Michigan didn’t recruit you.  I recall being confused and angered by this in 2003, (your senior year.)
I look at as it as Amaker didn’t recruit me.  I guarantee if I was doing what I was doing (statistically on the court) in high school then, right now that Beilein would be there.

So this decision wasn’t really as tough as it might have initially seemed?
At first glance I was hype.  The 2 schools I actually root for and have passion for.  I really love both schools, always have/always will but to get to straight to the point?  I didn’t go to Mich, because they didn’t recruit me.  I had blood sweat and tears at Ohio.  I won a (MAC) championship there and played in the (NCAA) tournament myself.  I still hold a record at Ohio.  If Ohio gets this to couple with beating Georgetown in 2010? (as seen on ESPN’s Top 10 Tournament Upsets segment this past week)  That’s going to be huge for the program.  Bet, I’m rollin’ with OU.

sidenote: When Whit said “Bet, I’m rollin’ with OU”  in this interview
it reminded me deja-vu verbatim of when Nate Dogg said
“no question, sign with Death Row.” in the MTV Death Row Documentary.

And that’s entirely fair.  In fact I have half a mind to root for OU myself.  I was telling Johnny the other day about having acid flashbacks to resenting Mich for not recruiting you.
Again, I look at it as Amaker, not Mich.  Not only did he pass on me he passed on Sidney too.  Regardless, I was not even that mad about it.  Izzo sent me a lot of material.  They (State) have a great program and he is a great coach.  That’s someone you can learn a lot from, on and off the court.  I ain’t need Mich for validation I got that from State, Purdue, etc.  I gotta keep it movin’ I got hoops to hit, n*ggaz to cross.

This is coming from a lifelong Michigan Basketball fan who idolized Chris Webber, Jalen Rose and Steve Fischer
go. bobcats.

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