CA-LI-FOR-NIA DREAMIN’ C-Money / C-Hu$tle – Set Left-Coast “Ablaze” Via Impromptu Tour Dates

C-HU$TLE - Key Club (Hollywood, CA)
C-HU$TLE – Key Club (Hollywood, CA)

A series of “wild-fire” live-show dates by D-Block affiliate C-Money & Hit-A-Lik C.E.O. C-HU$TLE have left fans in amazement and haters in shock as the so-called “corporate playboy” pop-up tour run continues…

Rumors of “Dakota on the Mac” at Ann Arbor’s Alley Bar were one thing but publicity leaks on this latest run have been quite another.

Recounts range rambunctiously from reports of C-Money “bedding multiple groupies”

C-Money - Parc 55 Meridian (San Francisco, CA)
C-Money – Parc 55 Meridian (San Francisco, CA)

to tales of C-HU$TLE’s car crashes (and Cali-Chronic).  Even TVPEDEXK member M. Millionés got in on the act – “smokin’ on Miley” with C-Hu$t before “running wild” in the Hit-A-Lik/BR Media suites at the Westwood W (Beverly Hills.)

M. Millionés – Glennwood Place Studios (Burbank, CA)

Allegedly “preoccupied” with the upcoming release of #TrapV “Casino Blitz” C-HU$TLE was (conveniently) not available for comment but released this statement:

“Bottom line – California was a smash success and #RobABank is a run-a-way HIT.”



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