Chris Webber Hitalik
After decades of waiting C-Webb has finally come home. Even if this arrival took place at NBA All-Star Weekend 2014 in New Orleans, it is the vibe that counts. Home is, where the heart is and even if Webber never “returns” to the corny “embrace” of the University Of Michigan Athletic Department. Even if he is never courtside at Crisler Arena with a headset on (like he is nightly, nationwide with TNT currently) let this photo with Hit-A-Lik artist Arcade (a.k.a. BLAKNASA) be a lesson to thee. Despite flagrant ignorance and subversive racism on the part of the University Of Michigan Athletic Department brass, (specifically David Brandon) C-Webb will not be shunned.

I saw someone on instagram comment, “Mr. Timeout” on this photograph. To this person we say: if by “Mr. Timeout” you mean “Mr. invented black socks, long shorts, authentic collegiate superstars, initiated of the wave which would ultimately lead to unionization of college athletes, hoop rappers, creator of DADA clothing line, wardrobe supplier for the classic 2004 film Shottas, and the producer/beat-maker of Nasir Jones – Blunt Ashes, then… yes…”Mr. Timeout”.
Even if C-Webb’s shyness and understandably bittersweet emotions overcomes him, The Eastside shall remain… perfect. Tappan Middle School Alumni pictured with Chris Webber (left to right) Anthony “The Jesus Of Crunk” Galardi, Johnny “Arcade/BLAKNASA” Floyd, and Tommy “The Head Turner Like Head Turner” Buhr (to Webber’s right) above.

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