Zoey Dollaz “RT’s” C-HU$T Verifies French Montana #BlowACheck Lyrics [Rap Genius – Wrong (AGAIN)]

With one fell tweet Hit-A-Lik Chief Executive Officer Charlie “C-HU$TLE” Buko has (once again) proven the epically out of touch [borderline ‘racist’] nature and culture vulture-status of rap genius.

We are all of course familiar with the wild rumors circulated about last May’s ‘incident’ in which Charlie (allegedly) directly contacted RG owner(s) via cellular device and confronted them about ‘Jon Kerry riverboat medaltoss flip-flopping’ on some Public Enemy “He Got Game” lyrics at which point RG executives essentially pulled a Jon Seyferth and “Bitched Up.” #BigSykeVoice  That incident resulted in what is presumed to be a still forthcoming diss to RG and/or one of its owners specifically by name on C-HU$TLE’s upcoming mixtape #TrapXI #CasaBlacno #TheInadmissableDepositionOfLuckyChuckyLuciano

It seems this time however RG (now seemingly as a routine) butchered some epic French Montana lyrics (making ZERO effort to verify and/or correct them) for his 16 on the Zoey Dollaz / Puff Daddy (a.k.a. ‘P Diddy’ a.k.a. ‘Money Makin’ Mitch’ a.k.a. “Mitchie”) smash single #BlowACheck.

Charlie apparently discussed the verse (which contains not just one but TWO Michigan basketball references [one of which shouts out Hit-A-Lik hero Jalen Rose]) with BLAKNASA (a.k.a. Johnny Arcade) and felt confident enough to tweet the lyrics aloud on twitter which garnered a response from Zoey Dollaz himself who made no effort to correct him.  Thus verifying swag and setting all right, with the world.

Charlie Buko – 2

Rap Genius – 0

Go fuck yourselves Rap Genius, you guys eat dick for a living – die slow mothafucka.