Trap VIIII - Casablanco - 06


C-HU$TLE’S latest (and likely final) mixtape [though; it does contain original tracks as well] was recorded in late 2014 and later twice again during 2015.  The finishing touches were done in Michigan around Christmas and again in Michigan in very early 2016.

The mixtape’s listed Exec. Producers is M. Milliones (TapeDeck/i am OTHER).  Milliones was instrumental in dropping gems on multiple recordings produced not only by himself but by fellow Flackasino Johnny Void (aka BLACKNASA [Flackasinos/@TheBlackOpEra].

Mixing and recording duties were flexed by DJ HiDef (TapeDeck/Hit-A-Lik) and by Flackasino new comer ‘Johnny P’ via Rafi Pena [Flackasinos/West Hollywood Connect Gang].  Subsequently there were handled and finalized in Hollywood and Michigan (respectively) times at which Buko was present and on hand and other times through Hit-A-Lik streamcast via satellite holographic projection.

‘CasaBlanco’ had a “soft release” (NO HOMO :0) which garnered 500 views on DatPiff with literally zero promotion of advertisement.

“I wanted to see about it immediately but I really didn’t get a chance to burn it to Disc and bump it in the car, when I finally got to do that I was like – ‘whoa this sh*t is aite, if not pretty decent, if I touch it up and add the updated mix here or there…it’s not un-green-lit!'”

Said Buko to hitalik.com St. Patrick’s Day eve.

CasaBlanco is available for free stream and/or download on DatPiff.