C-HU$TLE Survives Assassination Attempt

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Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles “C-HU$TLE” Coffey was bitten by the attack dog of a crazed fan, early last Saturday morning in Central New Jersey.

Though details are still emerging sources close to Coffey have confirmed the K-9’s motives were those, of an assassin.

“Yeah, for sure.  No question- that dog was lookin’ to kill, but we ain’t pressin’ charges…”

Said an unidentified Iaw enforcement agent.

C-HU$TLE was not available for comment but released this statement.

“Presuming there are no complications, Lord willing – I’m going to make a full recovery…”

Fan speculation about the incident reached a fever pitch when photos of Coffey’s K-9 inflicted bite wound emerged on satellite media platforms late last Sunday evening.

This is C-HU$TLE’s first assassination attempt.