Twitter was abound with memes this week when “EDM DJ” ‘Zedd’ seemingly communicated he felt Shek Wes – Mo Bamba was somehow derivitive of one of his previous recordings while also expressing that he (in addition) did not particular enjoy it.

Poor.  Baby.

There have been some great Electronic and Rap and/or Trap Collabs in the recent era of music.

Kanye West sampling high-end indie-electro and Jay-Z’s verses over top those beats on Watch The Throne comes to mind (specifically).

Harlem Shake, Just Blaze, etc, etc.

But let’s be honest with one another.

How many times have you encountered a (so-called) “Remix” or “Edit” by an “EDM DJ” of a already present rap/trap song (Flick Of The Wrist-esque perhaps, for example) where the ‘remix/edit’ is legitimately some unrelated sonic nonsense leading up to an alternate drop of the pre-existing record.

The point is, you’re either for the culture or you whore the culture.

Majority of these “EDM DJ’s” are plants (Horticulture).

In all seriousness, If Zedd doesn’t like it he can chalk it up to reparations.

In the worlds of Silkk Tha Shockker:

“Charge It 2 Da Game.”