Sickabod began in Pennington, New Jersey, where he excelled as the standout drummer for the band Rocking Chair. By 9 Sickabod was writing songs and making beats after getting a DJX keyboard for Christmas.

As a student at NYU, Sickabod began to experiment with an increasingly diverse array of lyrical and musical styles, while at the same time layering his beats with an ever-growing complexity of rhythm and rhyme. Drawing on a wide range of influences from Eminem to The Beatles, he produced songs regularly throughout his four college years, distributing them via email and creating an underground buzz in the city and on university campuses nationwide. Sickabod’s songs seek to break down the barrier between musical genres and expand hip-hop past its traditional borders. The 40-second underground smash “Rick Diss” cemented his reputation as a musician unafraid to turn words and phrases into scathing social commentary and sardonic wit.

Since college, Sickabod has become a staple of the NYC rap scene, winning the $1000 grand prize at Mental Supreme’s Training Camp At Club Pyramid (No Fank Ocean) 3 times, causing for his automatic retirement from competition. He’s performed at venues throughout the tri-state area, including legendary music venue Don Hill’s in Manhattan’s West Village, and in Brooklyn at Williamsburg’s favorite bar, The Woods. His music can frequently be heard on the soundtracks of hit MTV and VH1 shows.

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