Young T

Name: Young T
Alias: Red Rum Rell
Occupation: MC/Activist
Influences: Malcom X, Martin Luther King

Young T made a name for himself as a top flight lyricist in the late 1990’s. His slick metaphors and hard freestyle punchlines quickly made him a fan favorite.

T met C-Hust, Dotoz and Jay Arcade through middle school basketball. Freestyle sessions began, natural chemistry and a love for hip hop created an instant bond between the young ballers.

Young T began strong arming attention early on with striking performances on Pro-V’s “Relevant Game” mixtape as well as C-Hustle’s “Off Tops.” His imposing physical presence made his hardcore rhymes easily believable.

In recent years Rell has taken a more conscious approach. Now a married man, T has gained impressive perspective for a still young brother. A poignant example of T’s heightened self awareness is evident in his BMF Freestyle.

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