8.19.2014 – Hunnit Proof Gang (H.P.G.) members Killa D & $tacks are back with, “TONY”, produced by DJ JOB/DJ_HIDEF. The official CDS release includes both clean, and dirty versions, as well as the instrumental.


Dirty Version Download:

Clean Version Download:





In 2013 John Seyferth was arrested and charged with marijuana possession  exceeding 1,000 grams (in Cook County Illionois). He was  sentenced to 4 years at Jacksonville Correctional Center (prison).

It is now being widely reported, that Seyf is a “free” man.  No longer incarcerated only 4 months after his arrest.

Seyf may be “free” from jail but he is not free from obvious questions about this most miraculous chain of “events”.

After carefully measured research, monitoring, consideration and evaluation it is the determination of and its editorship that odds are Seyf probably did – snitch.

The sheer implausability of release after 4 months on a  sentence of 4 YEARS is (regrettably) simply, too exponentially glaring to ignore.

Additionally it is our professional and social recommendation that nobody expecting any degree of privacy or American freedom associate with or affiliate with Seyf since:
A) He probably snitched.
B) He has yet to admit it.
C) He was generally, pretty much a corn ball the entire time anyway.
Bottom line:
Is the drug war flawed? Of course.
Is it our business if Seyf Snitched? Maybe, not.
But this “guy” (somehow) ‘rose’ to post status at  All the while, attempting to appear “associated” with hip-hop culture in Chicago, at large?

The same kid from Ann Arbor who used to come into Just Sports and say he was a fan of C-HU$TLE records produced by Drew Money.  Now, that’s the sh*t we don’t like.

I wrote Seyf a letter while he was locked up telling him he was an “idiot” and that if he had wised up earlier we could have (perhaps) broken bread.

After all.

It was only 10 months prior Hit-A-Lik was openig for Mobb Deep, (in Chicago) and Seyf made no effort to appear at, learn about or (god forbid) promote the show on Fakeshore or elsewhere.

Forget snitching on Terrezy, How gon’tryn’ “represent” Hip-Hop in Chicago but go AWOL when Mobb Deep comes to town?





After more than a decade of toiling behind the proverbial “other side of the glass” Hit-A-Lik Entertainment technical czar, and in-house production guru Mikey Millions (M. Millionés) has been awarded a Grammy certificate for his efforts.

M. Millionés pictured with i am OTHER staff [Post Grammys Los Angeles, California-2014]
As functioning engineer on Daft Punk’s record of the year ‘Get Lucky,’ Millionés was eligible for not only his certificate of contribution, but also for a trip to the Grammy Awards themselves.  Mikey was also Grammy nominated for his engineering work on Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City.

Caligula Makes NYC Debut

Miami Beach trap-dub super group @caligulawins made their NYC “debut” last Friday atop the roof of the infamous NY Model Penthouse via a guest DJ Set by TVPEDEXK’s C-HU$TLE.

C-HU$T was not available for comment but released this statement:
“Yeah we flexed the @caligulawins Work Hard Play Hard (Remix) heavy on the haters.”

According to HU$TLE: “haters” initially “rebuffed” this braggadocious claim but were quickly vanquished by (the above) video – corroborating the broadcast had, in fact taken place.

GameBoi Co-Signs Snitching

GameBoi SnitchingAnn Arbor’s very own GameBoi shocked no one when he blatantly co-signed snitching on twitter this week:  telling people to “call the cops” from their location in Downtown Detroit.

C-HU$TLE was not available for comment but released this statement:

“Why am I not surprised?  If this ignorant fanuk wasn’t a rat f*ck who undoubtedly talks to police regularly (as is) I’d have already merked him, myself.  GameBoi continues to lie and degrade and if you follow the thread, it actually spawns a (in my opinion) vicious set of anti-Detroit and borderline racist tweets.  Again, disappointed?  Yes.  Surprised?  No.”



#TrapV – #CasinoBlitz


Vodpod videos no longer available.


HOSTED BY: @DJPowerTheWorld & M. Millionés

• 01 Socioschizo Faded (INFAMOUS MOBB FREESTYLE)

• 02 Kalina

• 03 Rob A Bank feat. @therealkiss, @beingSPOT @TermanologyST

• 04 Turn on the Lights (Remix) prod. by @killa caz

• 05 No Lie – Bushwick (Freestyle) feat. @sickabod

• 06 On Wax prod. by @DJ HiDef

• 07 Postman prod. by Mike Gibbs feat. @jerrykid365

• 08 Michael Pitt Michael Vick prod. by @MaullyMaul

• 09 Fuck The F.B.I. prod. by @MaullyMaul

• 10 The Dotted Line prod. by @killa caz

• 11 Insane Shigeto – Glasslands (Freestyle)

• 12 Head of State feat. @MaullyMaul

• 13 Military Minded prod. by @sickabod

• 14 Bangin’ Like A Boom Box – (OG Bushwick Mix) prod. by M. Millionés


• 16 It’s Mine (2013) feat. @boxercmoney

• 17 Hit-A-Lik RC’s We On (FIRE) @iamgameboi DISS

• 18 Devil Wears Prada (Remix) prod. by Statik Selektah



C-HU$TLE #TrapV #CasinoBlitz


C-HU$TLE’s Final Mixtape…

#TrapV – #CasinoBlitz

  1. Head Of State feat. @MaullyMaul
  2. Socioschizo Faded (INFAMOUS MOBB FREESTYLE)
  3. Kalina
  4. Turn On The Lights (Remix) prod. by @killa_caz
  5. No Lie – Bushwick (Freestyle) feat. @sickabod
  6. The Dotted Line prod. by @killa_caz
  7. On Wax prod. by @DJ_HiDef
  8. Postman feat. @jerrykid365 prod. by Mike Gibbs
  9. Michael Pitt/Michael Vick feat. C-Money
  10. Fuck The F.B.I. prod. by @MaullyMaul
  11. Rob A Bank feat. @beingSPOT & @TermanologyST
  12. Insane Shigeto – Glasslands (Freestyle)
  13. Military Minded prod. by @sickabod
  14. Bangin’ Like A Boom Box prod. By M. Millionés
  15. Talk That (Remix) prod. by @BLAKNASA
  16. It’s Mine (Freestyle) feat. @boxercmoney
  17. Hit-A-Lik R.C.’s “We On” (FIRE)
  18. TMN TN prod. by @tapedeck313

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