C-Hust-Michigania: Stunt or Die

Vodpod videos no longer available.
After emerging victorious on MTV’s TRL in a freetyle battle judged by Cihpa Sounds, Charlie Buko was on a freestyle roll. Having won battles sponsored by Power 105.1FM judged by DJ Kut, SUNY Purchase and Manhattanville University battles and several high stakes winner takes all street battles, Hit-A-Lik Entertainment decided it was time for him to return to the studio. Recorded exclusively in his SUNY Purchase dorm room, Buko amassed a collection of remixes and freestyles that showcase his unorthodox rhyming style and sardonic punchlines.
The tape was mixed at South Beach Studios by Mikey Millions and is a fan favorite to this day.
1.Last Night
2.Stuck On You
3.Push It (G-Mix)
4.Mid-West Vacation
5.Fly High (Freestyle)
6.We Takin’ Over
7.We Pop Ghats (featuring Ashley Tisdale)
8.Good To Me (featuring Ashley Tisdale)
9.La La La
10.End Of The Day
11.So Krispy
12.Format (Freestyle)
13.What Goes Around
15.Sexy Back (Freestyle)
16.Big Ish Poppin’

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