Hunnit Proof Gang – H.P.G. Da Mixtape Vol. 1

Vodpod videos no longer available.
H.P.G. (Hunnit Proof Gang) consists of Honey, Jwan G, Young Frizz, Killa D, Dotoz, $tack$, and Bankroll Bino. This is one of the hardest, most gutter, real, trapped-out mixtapes to come out of Michigan in years. We present to you H.P.G. Hunnit Proof Gang Da Mixtape Vol. 1

1.Hunnit Proof Gang – JwanG, $tack$, Young Frizz
2.We Got Dat Work – Killa D, Young Frizz, Jwan G
3.Nothin In My Ride – Young Frizz, Jwan G, Killa D, $tack$
4.Android – Young Frizz, Honey, Jwan G, $tack$
5.All Ready – $tack$, Killa D, Jwan G, Young Frizz
6.Gucci Lenses – Honey, Jwan G, Killa D, Young Frizz, $tack$
7.Straight To The Money – Killa D, $tack$, Jwan G
8.Swagga So Official – Jwan G, Honey, Dotoz, $tack$, Young Frizz
9.Gettin Doe – Jwan G, Bino, Killa D, $tack$
10.Goon Ass Niggas – Bronx, $tack$, Jwan G
11.Bitch I’m In My Zone – Bino, $tack$
12.Hustlin Hard – Jwan G, Killa D, Bino
13.Gettin this Loot – Jwan G, Killa D, $tack$
14.Hunnit Party – Jwan G, Killa D, $tack$
15.Niggas Actin Funny – $tack$, Jwan G, Killa D, Young Frizz
16.Diabolical Flow – 40Cal Ripkin, Killa D, Young Frizz, Bino

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