Young Frizz-Mackin VS Pimpin

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Young Frizz’s Mackin VS Pimpin is his second release after his prison bid. Frizz gets re adapted to the streets and his old Macking & Pimpin ways as he displays rhymes over both classic old school and new school beats.


1. Return Of The Mack
2. Who You With
3. Wet Wet Ft. Dotoz, Killa D & Big Body
4. Hold It Down Ft. Ckoogi Slym
5. Playas Lane Ft. $tack$
6. Swagga So Official Ft. H.P.G. (Jwan G, Honey, Dotoz & $tack$)
7. Bad Boy Ft. Dotoz
8. Keep On
9. Riding Thru The City Ft. $tack$
10. Phone Numbers Ft. Jwan G & Dotoz
11. Ace Deuce Girl Ft. AQ Isreal
12. Throw It in the Bag Ft. Louie C & Dotoz
13. She Want That Old Frizz
14. Apologize
15. I’m Ready Ft. Dotoz
16. Pull Out Ft. Jwan G
17. Down 4 You Ft. Honey
18. T.K.O.

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