C-HU$TLE (Best Of Volume I) [2010-2015] Tracklist / Credits & Features + Release Date


Best Of:

Vol. I (2010-2015)

Christmas 2018


  1. Ride With A Pimp (prod. by Drew Money & M. Millionés)
  2. Detroit River On A  Yacht Sh*t (prod. by ODizzyBeatz)
  3. Pretty In A Video ft. Roso & Dotoz (prod. by BLAKNASA)
  4. Errol Flynn [Cruel Summer Remix] (prod. by DJ HiDef)
  5. Postman (prod. by Mike Gibbz)
  6. Bangin’ Like A Boombox [O.G. Bushwick Mix] (prod. by M. Millionés)


(c) 2019 Hit-A-Lik Entertainment

C-HU$TLE Survives Assassination Attempt

1 Mr. Pennsylvania.jpg

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles “C-HU$TLE” Coffey was bitten by the attack dog of a crazed fan, early last Saturday morning in Central New Jersey.

Though details are still emerging sources close to Coffey have confirmed the K-9’s motives were those, of an assassin.

“Yeah, for sure.  No question- that dog was lookin’ to kill, but we ain’t pressin’ charges…”

Said an unidentified Iaw enforcement agent.

C-HU$TLE was not available for comment but released this statement.

“Presuming there are no complications, Lord willing – I’m going to make a full recovery…”

Fan speculation about the incident reached a fever pitch when photos of Coffey’s K-9 inflicted bite wound emerged on satellite media platforms late last Sunday evening.

This is C-HU$TLE’s first assassination attempt.

Andre 3000 x J-Maul

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Hit-A-Lik artist and Chandelier Money Gang head honcho J-Maul ran into Outkast legend Andre 3000 last week in lower manhattan.

The “Rob A “Bank” MC chopped it up with Dre who was good enough to flick it up one time for the gram.

Though details were scarce, it has been confirmed the two crossed paths during the course of a creative partnership J-Maul has with Supreme.

J-Maul was not available for comment but his soundcloud is below:




It is with great sadness and deep regret we confirm that Micah Bowman (“M. Dot/Dotoz”) has perished from the earth at just 34 years of age.  Micah was a great friend to many and was incredible artist. He was loved by his close friends, grandmother, mother, sisters and his nephew Perry by whom he is survived.

Bowman was a standout athlete. In his youth he was widely regarded as one of the regions top basketball players.  Johnny Floyd was quoted as saying: “Micah is the best basketball player I’ve ever been on the court with and I’ve been on the court with them all.”  During high school Bowman spent much time running pick-up games with his friends, including many epic match-ups against Whitney Davis, (Pioneer HS/Ohio University standout) who was 1 grade Bowman’s junior.  “He was an all around great guy.” Said Davis.

During his early 20’s Bowman recorded a solo album produced by Grammy Award winning Michael “Mikey Millions” Larson (i am OTHER) and Drew Money, formally known as PRO-V (of “Hello Brooklyn” fame).  The album was recorded in South Beach and featured contributions from the Heat Makerz, David Banner, The Alchemist and DipSet.  It was received as an instant classic. 

Bowman encountered and collaborated with many of his prominent contemporaries.  He opened shows for D12 when Proof was alive, Obie Trice, DJ Quik, and Mobb Deep before the passing of Prodigy HNIC.  Bowman has 100’s of recordings both released and unreleased.  His 2010 Mixtape, “The Ganz 1.0” was extremely well received and is regarded as a hip hop classic. 

Lyrically Bowman was an inspiration.  An entire city of Ann Arbor rappers would have killed for Bowman’s ability to think outside the box metaphorically, or of course – his voice.  Bowman’s voice was classic.  Jadakiss and Beanie Sigel were some of his favorite MC’s and his voice was as cutting and as true as theirs in this author’s opinion.  Micah was often enamored with artists of cut short legacy such as: Roc Ducati, Stack Bundlez and one of his last favorite “new” rappers, Chinx Drugz.

Bowman inspired not just musicians but people. His fans were fanatical. They didn’t just love his music they idolized him.  He made people’s entire careers – just by being their friend.

Rest In Peace Micah.  You will be deeply missed, but your music and legacy will live on forever.  



By Chad Coffey

May 13, 2018

Miguel Milliones represented the Billionaire Boys Club at Peach Fuzz Downtown Miami this year, immediately following N.E.R.D.’s performance (which of course included current Billboard smash “Lemon”) on the Rolling Loud Main Stage.

Milliones was whisked the 14.1 miles southward by “official personnel.”

“Fortunately there wasn’t too much traffic.”

He said.

It had been 18 months since Milliones had spun a live set in South Florida as his relocation to Los Angeles is now two-years, complete.

An eclectic mix of class hip-hop and contemporary hits were on display for the nights duration (as seen in above media).

A swift transition from the classic Ly flaglant Jay-Z – “Blow The Whistle” freestyle remix to the Uber-recent Calvin Harris – “Slide” (ft. Migos & Frank Ocean).

[Media shot by the ‘homie Brian’]

All rights reserved.

Hit-A-Lik 2018



Trap VIIII - Casablanco - 06


C-HU$TLE’S latest (and likely final) mixtape [though; it does contain original tracks as well] was recorded in late 2014 and later twice again during 2015.  The finishing touches were done in Michigan around Christmas and again in Michigan in very early 2016.

The mixtape’s listed Exec. Producers is M. Milliones (TapeDeck/i am OTHER).  Milliones was instrumental in dropping gems on multiple recordings produced not only by himself but by fellow Flackasino Johnny Void (aka BLACKNASA [Flackasinos/@TheBlackOpEra].

Mixing and recording duties were flexed by DJ HiDef (TapeDeck/Hit-A-Lik) and by Flackasino new comer ‘Johnny P’ via Rafi Pena [Flackasinos/West Hollywood Connect Gang].  Subsequently there were handled and finalized in Hollywood and Michigan (respectively) times at which Buko was present and on hand and other times through Hit-A-Lik streamcast via satellite holographic projection.

‘CasaBlanco’ had a “soft release” (NO HOMO :0) which garnered 500 views on DatPiff with literally zero promotion of advertisement.

“I wanted to see about it immediately but I really didn’t get a chance to burn it to Disc and bump it in the car, when I finally got to do that I was like – ‘whoa this sh*t is aite, if not pretty decent, if I touch it up and add the updated mix here or there…it’s not un-green-lit!'”

Said Buko to hitalik.com St. Patrick’s Day eve.

CasaBlanco is available for free stream and/or download on DatPiff.




Migeul Millionés Smashes #WatchTheDuck EP Release Party in Los Angeles (Haters Recoil In Amazement)



Tape Deck’s so called “better-half” the now Grammy Award Winning Miguel Millionés has ‘done it again’ so to speak.

Tapped by i am OTHER brass to DJ the top-set of the #WatchTheDuck EP Release Party at “the ATTIC” in Los Angeles, a simple examination of the photo set leads any rational viewer to quickly conclude that (and the party itself) [both] to have been an extremely ‘lit’.

Attended by Steve Aoki, Pharrell Williams, Clifford “T.I.” Harris and Tricky Stewart the photo set says it all.

Stay tuned to http://www.hitalik.com for more Tape Deck news.

Stay tuned to http://www.hitalik.com for more Tape Deck news.

Zoey Dollaz “RT’s” C-HU$T Verifies French Montana #BlowACheck Lyrics [Rap Genius – Wrong (AGAIN)]

With one fell tweet Hit-A-Lik Chief Executive Officer Charlie “C-HU$TLE” Buko has (once again) proven the epically out of touch [borderline ‘racist’] nature and culture vulture-status of rap genius.

We are all of course familiar with the wild rumors circulated about last May’s ‘incident’ in which Charlie (allegedly) directly contacted RG owner(s) via cellular device and confronted them about ‘Jon Kerry riverboat medaltoss flip-flopping’ on some Public Enemy “He Got Game” lyrics at which point RG executives essentially pulled a Jon Seyferth and “Bitched Up.” #BigSykeVoice  That incident resulted in what is presumed to be a still forthcoming diss to RG and/or one of its owners specifically by name on C-HU$TLE’s upcoming mixtape #TrapXI #CasaBlacno #TheInadmissableDepositionOfLuckyChuckyLuciano

It seems this time however RG (now seemingly as a routine) butchered some epic French Montana lyrics (making ZERO effort to verify and/or correct them) for his 16 on the Zoey Dollaz / Puff Daddy (a.k.a. ‘P Diddy’ a.k.a. ‘Money Makin’ Mitch’ a.k.a. “Mitchie”) smash single #BlowACheck.

Charlie apparently discussed the verse (which contains not just one but TWO Michigan basketball references [one of which shouts out Hit-A-Lik hero Jalen Rose]) with BLAKNASA (a.k.a. Johnny Arcade) and felt confident enough to tweet the lyrics aloud on twitter which garnered a response from Zoey Dollaz himself who made no effort to correct him.  Thus verifying swag and setting all right, with the world.

Charlie Buko – 2

Rap Genius – 0

Go fuck yourselves Rap Genius, you guys eat dick for a living – die slow mothafucka.