Dotoz – The Ganz 1.5 Leak

In an era where true Hip-Hop has faded from commercial popularity, very few artists seem to be able to be true to themselves, and their craft without being influenced or homogenized by the mainstream.

Dot in studio Dotoz, better known as M. Dot Broscoe is the exception.  A long time in the making, The Ganz 1.5 is slated to be a heavyweight followup to the critically acclaimed Ganz 1.0 release.  Never compromising quality over quantity, or fads De jour, the Ganz 1.5 is sure to be another classic Dotoz project that will stand the test of time. Dotoz restores the feeling on his new track “Never Give UP,” off his coming release, The Ganz 1.5.


8.19.2014 – Hunnit Proof Gang (H.P.G.) members Killa D & $tacks are back with, “TONY”, produced by DJ JOB/DJ_HIDEF. The official CDS release includes both clean, and dirty versions, as well as the instrumental.


Dirty Version Download:

Clean Version Download:




Jung City

Jung City

Hit-A-Lik. C.E.O. Charles Buko faced stern second-guessing after failing to provide Jay-Z with a promotional CD single of Hit-A-Lik street anthem #RobABank when he walked past Hovi (stepping off an elevator at a Manhattan recording studio) last week.

C-HU$T was not available for comment but released this statement:

“You know’m sayin’ that wasn’t the first time we walked past Jigga in an elevator, so I doubt it’ll be the last money.”

C-HU$T additionally did however; (eventually) confirm this incident was in fact the first time he’d walked past Beyoncé in an elevator (or elsewhere otherwise [for that matter]).




In 2013 John Seyferth was arrested and charged with marijuana possession  exceeding 1,000 grams (in Cook County Illionois). He was  sentenced to 4 years at Jacksonville Correctional Center (prison).

It is now being widely reported, that Seyf is a “free” man.  No longer incarcerated only 4 months after his arrest.

Seyf may be “free” from jail but he is not free from obvious questions about this most miraculous chain of “events”.

After carefully measured research, monitoring, consideration and evaluation it is the determination of and its editorship that odds are Seyf probably did – snitch.

The sheer implausability of release after 4 months on a  sentence of 4 YEARS is (regrettably) simply, too exponentially glaring to ignore.

Additionally it is our professional and social recommendation that nobody expecting any degree of privacy or American freedom associate with or affiliate with Seyf since:
A) He probably snitched.
B) He has yet to admit it.
C) He was generally, pretty much a corn ball the entire time anyway.
Bottom line:
Is the drug war flawed? Of course.
Is it our business if Seyf Snitched? Maybe, not.
But this “guy” (somehow) ‘rose’ to post status at  All the while, attempting to appear “associated” with hip-hop culture in Chicago, at large?

The same kid from Ann Arbor who used to come into Just Sports and say he was a fan of C-HU$TLE records produced by Drew Money.  Now, that’s the sh*t we don’t like.

I wrote Seyf a letter while he was locked up telling him he was an “idiot” and that if he had wised up earlier we could have (perhaps) broken bread.

After all.

It was only 10 months prior Hit-A-Lik was openig for Mobb Deep, (in Chicago) and Seyf made no effort to appear at, learn about or (god forbid) promote the show on Fakeshore or elsewhere.

Forget snitching on Terrezy, How gon’tryn’ “represent” Hip-Hop in Chicago but go AWOL when Mobb Deep comes to town?





Chris Webber Hitalik
After decades of waiting C-Webb has finally come home. Even if this arrival took place at NBA All-Star Weekend 2014 in New Orleans, it is the vibe that counts. Home is, where the heart is and even if Webber never “returns” to the corny “embrace” of the University Of Michigan Athletic Department. Even if he is never courtside at Crisler Arena with a headset on (like he is nightly, nationwide with TNT currently) let this photo with Hit-A-Lik artist Arcade (a.k.a. BLAKNASA) be a lesson to thee. Despite flagrant ignorance and subversive racism on the part of the University Of Michigan Athletic Department brass, (specifically David Brandon) C-Webb will not be shunned.

I saw someone on instagram comment, “Mr. Timeout” on this photograph. To this person we say: if by “Mr. Timeout” you mean “Mr. invented black socks, long shorts, authentic collegiate superstars, initiated of the wave which would ultimately lead to unionization of college athletes, hoop rappers, creator of DADA clothing line, wardrobe supplier for the classic 2004 film Shottas, and the producer/beat-maker of Nasir Jones – Blunt Ashes, then… yes…”Mr. Timeout”.
Even if C-Webb’s shyness and understandably bittersweet emotions overcomes him, The Eastside shall remain… perfect. Tappan Middle School Alumni pictured with Chris Webber (left to right) Anthony “The Jesus Of Crunk” Galardi, Johnny “Arcade/BLAKNASA” Floyd, and Tommy “The Head Turner Like Head Turner” Buhr (to Webber’s right) above.