Title: The World Class Street Sprintaz Present – Top of The Map The Mixtape

Number of Tracks: 23


M. The highly anticipated mixtape has been dubbed the hardest and most authentic rap record on the streets since the eastside chedda boys. The Street Sprintaz showcase their hard rhymes over a variety of industry and original instrumentals. Mixtape will be available for free download via soon. The singles from the mixtape: 1800, Top Of The Map and Blow You Away feature production from Drew Money, Mikey Millions and Chinaboy which will be available shortly for digital download on iTunes.


1) Top Of The Map (Produced By Chinaboy)
2) I Know I Can
3) M. Dot Drop
4) 1800 (Produced By Drew Money and Mikey Millions)
5) All This Money
6) Ridin Smashin (Produced By Drew Money and Mikey Millions)
7) Blow You Away (Produced By Drew Money and Mikey Millions)
8) Mafia
9) Open Shop
10) All Brick No Shake
11) Big Body & M.Dot
12) Yo Hips Yo Thighs
13) Money On My Mind
14) Young T & Big Flint 09′ Freestyle
15) Boomin’ Like 808’s
16) Make The Money Anyway
17) I See You
18) Stop Hating
19) We Always Go Hard
20) Finally Made It
21) Top Of The Map Shit
22) What Up With It
23) I Represent The Deuce

Title: Hitalik Entertainment Presents: The Charles Buko EP

Number of Tracks: 6


M. The first solo release from C-Hust aka Charles Buko. The MTV Freestyle battle champion demonstrates his lyrical skills over Drew Money and Mikey Millions tracks. Features the hit radio singles, “Ride With a Pimp”, “Trap Like Me”, “Diamondz”.

1) Diamondz
2) Ride With A Pimp
3) Wine It Up
4) The Life I Lead
5) Danger Zone
6) Trap Like Me
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Title: The World Class Street Sprintaz Present… Officially Street Vol. II

Number of Tracks: 18


Street Sprintaz second group album Officially Street VOL II. nuff said. Classic material. Production by Pro V (Drew Money), Mr. Jinx (Mikey Millions), Sunny and JA.

1) Frizz The Prophet Intro/Cop It Bag It
2) I Can See It In Her Eyes
3) Ghetto Spokesman Ft. Beef
4) Been A G
5) Murder Mitten Lean
6) Boss Up and Ride
7) Let’s Go
8) Stand For The Streets
9) Trap Nigga
10) My Niggas
11) Ace Deuce Ace Deuce
12) Network Ft. Crush aka Major League
13) In The Ring (Remix)
14) Concrete Jungle
15) The Hood
16) I Get It
17) City That I’m Livin In

Bonus track:
18) Hoppin’ On The 8

Title: M. Dot Broscoe- M. Dot Broscoe

Number of Tracks: 22

M. Dot, the Street Sprintaz general, returns with his sophamore release bringing more street heat. Still technically unreleased the MDot LP (2006) is to be the cornerstone of The ‘Lik’s future. Boasting the highest quality recording of any Hit-A-Lik project to date, Dot’s second solo album is to say the least a coming of age for all involved. Production from The Heatmakerz, The Alchemist, David Banner, Jinx, & Pro-V. Featured appearences from Frizzle The Prophet, Monti, & Bezel Of The Diplomats.

1) this is the life of
2) breadtouchers featuring Bezzel
3) main event
4) till i die
5) chea featuring Frizzle
6) fall back
7) this is my grind featuring Monty
8) ride and smoke
9) self made nigga
10) steady gettin’ money
11) tha hustlaz anthem
12) let me tell you
13) doin my thug thizzle
14) the twilight zone
15) one for all
16) more anticipated
17) fuckin’ the game up
18) gangsta gangsta
19) this that music featuring Monty
20) visions
21) we know how to get it
22) outro

Title: The World Class Street Sprintaz present… Officially Street : The Best of The SNS Click

Number of Tracks: 17


Released in 2003, Officially Street (The Best Of The S&S Click) is the only S&S group album to date. Cementing the addition of Young T to the Street Sprintaz, and featuring Production from Jinx and Pro-V.

1) World Class
2) Welcom Back Home
3) All I Know (Cream)
4) Lemme Get Me Some
5) Knew A Hustler
6) On Your Street
7) Pain
8) Gunz Up
9) They Don’t Know Me
10) Drunk Frizzle skit
11) Sick As a virus
12) The Chosen One Part II
13) It’s The SnS Click
14) Young T Freestyle
15) I see Em Comin’
16) Getaway
17) Main Attraction (Remix)

Title: M. Dot Broscoe- M. Dot LP

Number of Tracks: 15

The first project ever released under Hit-A-Lik Entertainment; the MDot LP (2003) was an instant land mark for Michigan Hip-Hop. Hype had grown to epic proportions about Dot, and his first solo studio album did not dissapoint. Executive produced by C-Hustle, production from Brode, and the world famous Pro-V. Featured appearences from Young T and Frizzle The Prophet.

1) main attraction
2) it’s the SNS click
3) shit is too real
4) chill mama
5) exodus freestyle
6) world class
7) steady gettin money
8) casualties
9) ready to fight
10) time
11)ace deuce ace deuce
12) call us the lik
13) is you with that
14) main attraction (remix)
15) catch me on the block

Title: Off Tops

Number of Tracks: 14

Affectionately known as the “pre-mature fetus” of Hit-A-Lik releases, Off Tops was recorded at Hidden Valley studios, and Executive Produced by C-Hustle. Collaberative project featuring appearances from MDot, Young T, Frizzle The Prophet, C-Hustle, JOB, & Pro-V. Production from Pro-V, Brode, & C-Hustle. Though thought to be rushed and unfufilled by some, Off Tops is still a classic and a favorite to many ‘Lik enthusiasts

1) Pro V/C Hustle-My casino
2) M. Dot-Freestyle
3) Exclusive
4) Frizz-When i call shots freestyle
5) M.Dot-freestyle
6) C-Hustle-Dynasty freestyle
7) Frizz & M. Dot Hoe check
8) M. Dot-Game Don’t wait freestyle
9) Sperendi-freestyle
10) Frizz-Watch for the hook freestyle
11) Pro V & JOB-G Unit Ice freestyle
12) C-Hustle- 03 Jackin for Beats
13) M. Dot-Pro V freestyle
14) Pro V & C-Hustle-Off Tops


Number of Tracks: 13

Produced entirely by Pro-V Relevant Game has sold the most copies of any Hit-A-Lik (Pro Records) project to date. Recorded under a cloak of secrecy and unveiled with a keen element of suprise; it’s release shocked many who were not aware of what had been abrew in the Ace that summer. Co-released by The ‘Lik and Pro’s Pro Records “Relly One” features appearances from MDot, Young T, Frizzle The Prophet, C-Huslte, Maxx Blade, & Pro-V.

1) Intro
2) Bootleg Freestyle Featuring C-Hustle
3) Crouching Tiger Hidden Jack Move Featuring C-Hustle
4) Drunk Frizzle Interlude
5) Freestyle feat Young T & M. Dot
6) Young T Freestyle
7) Smitty B- Fuck a fish pole
8) TC3 featuring Mr. Jinx & T Watts
9) M. Dot Broscoe-The Chosen one
10) Swel-These Words I Weave
11) Smoke Intro
12) Triumph Featuring smoke
13) 1-900 Hustler Freestyle Featuring The World Class Street Sprintaz