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Jung City

Hit-A-Lik. C.E.O. Charles Buko faced stern second-guessing after failing to provide Jay-Z with a promotional CD single of Hit-A-Lik street anthem #RobABank when he walked past Hovi (stepping off an elevator at a Manhattan recording studio) last week.

C-HU$T was not available for comment but released this statement:

“You know’m sayin’ that wasn’t the first time we walked past Jigga in an elevator, so I doubt it’ll be the last money.”

C-HU$T additionally did however; (eventually) confirm this incident was in fact the first time he’d walked past Beyoncé in an elevator (or elsewhere otherwise [for that matter]).




#TrapV – #CasinoBlitz


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HOSTED BY: @DJPowerTheWorld & M. Millionés

• 01 Socioschizo Faded (INFAMOUS MOBB FREESTYLE)

• 02 Kalina

• 03 Rob A Bank feat. @therealkiss, @beingSPOT @TermanologyST

• 04 Turn on the Lights (Remix) prod. by @killa caz

• 05 No Lie – Bushwick (Freestyle) feat. @sickabod

• 06 On Wax prod. by @DJ HiDef

• 07 Postman prod. by Mike Gibbs feat. @jerrykid365

• 08 Michael Pitt Michael Vick prod. by @MaullyMaul

• 09 Fuck The F.B.I. prod. by @MaullyMaul

• 10 The Dotted Line prod. by @killa caz

• 11 Insane Shigeto – Glasslands (Freestyle)

• 12 Head of State feat. @MaullyMaul

• 13 Military Minded prod. by @sickabod

• 14 Bangin’ Like A Boom Box – (OG Bushwick Mix) prod. by M. Millionés


• 16 It’s Mine (2013) feat. @boxercmoney

• 17 Hit-A-Lik RC’s We On (FIRE) @iamgameboi DISS

• 18 Devil Wears Prada (Remix) prod. by Statik Selektah





C-HU$TLE #TrapV #CasinoBlitz


C-HU$TLE’s Final Mixtape…

#TrapV – #CasinoBlitz

  1. Head Of State feat. @MaullyMaul
  2. Socioschizo Faded (INFAMOUS MOBB FREESTYLE)
  3. Kalina
  4. Turn On The Lights (Remix) prod. by @killa_caz
  5. No Lie – Bushwick (Freestyle) feat. @sickabod
  6. The Dotted Line prod. by @killa_caz
  7. On Wax prod. by @DJ_HiDef
  8. Postman feat. @jerrykid365 prod. by Mike Gibbs
  9. Michael Pitt/Michael Vick feat. C-Money
  10. Fuck The F.B.I. prod. by @MaullyMaul
  11. Rob A Bank feat. @beingSPOT & @TermanologyST
  12. Insane Shigeto – Glasslands (Freestyle)
  13. Military Minded prod. by @sickabod
  14. Bangin’ Like A Boom Box prod. By M. Millionés
  15. Talk That (Remix) prod. by @BLAKNASA
  16. It’s Mine (Freestyle) feat. @boxercmoney
  17. Hit-A-Lik R.C.’s “We On” (FIRE)
  18. TMN TN prod. by @tapedeck313

– 05-07-13 –

– Hit-A-Lik – Fluent Inc – BR Media – TVPEDEXK – Chandelier Money Gang –

CA-LI-FOR-NIA DREAMIN’ C-Money / C-Hu$tle – Set Left-Coast “Ablaze” Via Impromptu Tour Dates

C-HU$TLE - Key Club (Hollywood, CA)
C-HU$TLE – Key Club (Hollywood, CA)

A series of “wild-fire” live-show dates by D-Block affiliate C-Money & Hit-A-Lik C.E.O. C-HU$TLE have left fans in amazement and haters in shock as the so-called “corporate playboy” pop-up tour run continues…

Rumors of “Dakota on the Mac” at Ann Arbor’s Alley Bar were one thing but publicity leaks on this latest run have been quite another.

Recounts range rambunctiously from reports of C-Money “bedding multiple groupies”

C-Money - Parc 55 Meridian (San Francisco, CA)
C-Money – Parc 55 Meridian (San Francisco, CA)

to tales of C-HU$TLE’s car crashes (and Cali-Chronic).  Even TVPEDEXK member M. Millionés got in on the act – “smokin’ on Miley” with C-Hu$t before “running wild” in the Hit-A-Lik/BR Media suites at the Westwood W (Beverly Hills.)

M. Millionés – Glennwood Place Studios (Burbank, CA)

Allegedly “preoccupied” with the upcoming release of #TrapV “Casino Blitz” C-HU$TLE was (conveniently) not available for comment but released this statement:

“Bottom line – California was a smash success and #RobABank is a run-a-way HIT.”


$OCIOPATH $KYWALK: Harbaugh is to Buko as Vader was to Luke?

Matthew Timothy Buko and Timothy Francis Buko.  Loan Oak, MI circa 1976.
Matthew Timothy Buko and Timothy Francis Buko (Loan Oak, MI) Circa ’76.

Shortly before he died last year, my Brother Matthew recounted an encounter he (and his girlfriend) had with current San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh at Ann Arbor’s Touchdown Cafe’ in 1986.

In 1986, my Brother Matthew was a Senior at Saline High School and starting Tight End for the Saline Hornets.  Harbaugh – was a Senior at the University of Michigan and starting at Quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines.

Matt was on a date with his girl (@ Touchdown’s, Sat night) and returned from the men’s room to find  “some other guy” talking to his girl.

My brother accosted the gentleman who (turned around, and) turned out to be (none other than) James, Joseph…Harbaugh.

Allegedly a “standoffish” set of remarks (and body language) ensued and Matt (essentially) said something to the effect of: “hey, that’s my girl” which Harbaugh (again, allegedly) countered by “moseying up” for what (my brother surmised) was going to be “go-time.”

Matt recalled not “thinking” but “knowing” it was either:

A) “Fight Jim Harbaugh”


B) “Back down”

Matthew Timothy Buko was never the “back down” type of guy.  For Christ sake he died swimming despite knowing full-well he’d been diagnosed with congestive heart failure just weeks prior.

So…at this point “backing down” is a “no-go” but fighting Jim Harbaugh (a guy 4-years my brother’s senior) wasn’t lookin’ so hot either.

“Hey man….(said my brother Matt)…”she’s 17.

The age of my brother’s girlfriend (whose name now escapes me and subsequently escapes this article since Matthew is no longer here to remind me/us) apparently “diffused” the situation.  Harbaugh walked away.

Nevertheless — since aforementioned incident, my brother was never a “huge” fan of Harbaugh’s.

Some people might think this incident alone would prompt me to root against the 49ers in this year’s SuperBowl (if not in general).  God knows; if this incident didn’t make me hate Harbaugh, surely his rebuffing of all jobs (Football) Michigan & Detroit (Wolverines/Lions) in favor of the “ol’ California sun” and his literal/figurative “ass-whupping” of current Lions head coach Jim Schwartz would leave me no choice but to root for Baltimore this year — right?


Regardless of Harbaugh’s sociopathic tendancies, his encounter with my brother and the saddistic degredation(s) he has inflicted upon his former “hometown” teams, Jim Harbaugh; and I…have something in common.

We went to the same middle-school.

More (and most) importantly we had the same Football Coach/Gym Teacher/Life Guru – Robert Lillie.

What folks must understand – is that Jim Harbaugh is to Tappan Middle School as Anikan Skywalker is/was to Jedi Knight Hood.  Yes, he is evil.  Yes.  He has “crossed-over” to the “dark-side” like so many other formally loyal Michigan professors wooed-west by that (ever-so-pesky) professor exchange Stanford-Michigan Sabbatical Exchange program.

It is Harbaugh’s (Tappan Middle School) predigree which validates his successNot vice-versa.  Simply put: Harbaugh could whoop the Lions (and Jim Schwartz) a$$ (“No Frank Ocean”) 1,000 times and his (Football) “success” would still only magnify the genius mentorship that is Robert F. Lillie.

Bottom line:

Harbaugh doesn’t have to live the right way to prove that Tappan teaches people how to win.  Sure, he’s forgotten Rob Lillie’s life instructions to put Rob Lillie’s pure football instructions on a pedastol but this is only the beginning of the prophecy.  Annikan Skywalker was (of course) so famously struck down by another Yoda (Rob Lillie) pupil.  So too shall Harbaugh be struck down but int he meantime go ‘9ers and may my brother Matthew’s memory and Rob Lillie’s mentorship (football & otherwise) live on, forever.


ImageHit-A-Lik C.E.O. C-HU$TLE was taking a break on the roof of a Manhattan recording studio after completing a recording session (sponsored by Matty Conlin/Fluent Inc.) with Mikey Millions (i am OTHER/HIT-A-LIK/TVPEDEXK/Caligula) when he encountered several members of the “Infamous” Mobb (Deep) including the H.N.I.C. himself….Prodigy.

TVPEDEXK: “So what happened?”

HU$TLE: “I walked out there as soon as the last take was done so I was by myself and Prodigy’s homeboy T-Dubbz asked me if I was smoking. I lit up, we got to talking.  They asked why I’m at the studio, I told them we’re recording and who Mike works for.  They asked what I do, I told them on this song I was rhyming and one of the engineers said ‘oh like Chris Webby?’ to which I essentially said ‘f*ck Chris Webby’ T-Dubbz starts laughing and tells me ‘spit somin'”

HU$TLE: “I knew I had to come correct so I rhymed this like 50 bars I’d recently dropped on the Meek (“So Sophisticated”) beat even though; it was unreleased the homie Wait What (@wtwht a.k.a. Charlie Kubal – Stanford Business School) had heard it and told me he thought it was dope or whatever.”

TVPEDEXK: “So y’all were in a cypha?”

HU$TLE: “Na, na, not exactly I mean…P wasn’t right next to us the whole time but he was definitely within ear shot and about halfway through he walked over and told me to start the freestyle over again.  I ended up rhyming for about 7 minutes and by this time Sickabod and Hydro had walked onto the roof so they were privy to everything that happened as well.”


TVPEDEXK: “There are reports that the H.N.I.C. verbalized intentions to form a (live) band (the name of which we cannot reveal at this time) and also expressed curiosity with regard to the potential musicianship Hit-A-Lik had/has to offer.”

HU$TLE: “That’s true and we definitely let him (P) know that we’d be more than happy to form a band on the strength and take it from there…The name idea he has (for the band) is really dope.  T-Dubbz and I exchanged math so we’ll see…Honestly I’m just humbled the cat who wrote “Shook Ones” even listened to me rhyme.  Additionally I would like to thank Matty Conlin (Fluent Inc.) for sponsoring this recording session.  Without his gracious and unconditional support as a friend and fellow Catholic this would never have happened.”

@hydroslanger, @mrconlin1, @boxercmoney
@hydroslanger, @mrconlin1, @boxercmoney

“Be Like Mike” TVPEDEXK’s Millionès smashes suprise guest set in triumphantly tyrannical return home.

It had been more than two-years since Miguel Millionès (of TVPEDEXK) had returned to his hometown of Ann Arbor.

So when he was abruptly freed up to visit family for Thanksgiving,  Millionès was suddenly available for a (completely unannounced) guest set at Ann Arbor’s LIVE where fellow TVPEDEXK member C-Hust was hosting “The Trot.”

Ann Arbor MI (102 South 1st Street 48104)

Additional appearances were made by TVPEDEXK/Flackasino affiliates BLAKNASA and DJ_HiDef.

Miguel Millionés (far left) DJ_HiDef (middle) BLAKNASA (far right)

The night was closed by local rapper K-Rich taking the stage for a spirited (non-performance) rendition of his (indie) “hit” single “Get In The Car.”

Rumors circulated that random haters giving The Flackasinos a “hard-time” outside the venue “ran away scared” after they were flexed on. C-Hust was not available for comment.