“Be Like Mike” TVPEDEXK’s Millionès smashes suprise guest set in triumphantly tyrannical return home.

It had been more than two-years since Miguel Millionès (of TVPEDEXK) had returned to his hometown of Ann Arbor.

So when he was abruptly freed up to visit family for Thanksgiving,  Millionès was suddenly available for a (completely unannounced) guest set at Ann Arbor’s LIVE where fellow TVPEDEXK member C-Hust was hosting “The Trot.”

Ann Arbor MI (102 South 1st Street 48104)

Additional appearances were made by TVPEDEXK/Flackasino affiliates BLAKNASA and DJ_HiDef.

Miguel Millionés (far left) DJ_HiDef (middle) BLAKNASA (far right)

The night was closed by local rapper K-Rich taking the stage for a spirited (non-performance) rendition of his (indie) “hit” single “Get In The Car.”

Rumors circulated that random haters giving The Flackasinos a “hard-time” outside the venue “ran away scared” after they were flexed on. C-Hust was not available for comment.