ImageHit-A-Lik C.E.O. C-HU$TLE was taking a break on the roof of a Manhattan recording studio after completing a recording session (sponsored by Matty Conlin/Fluent Inc.) with Mikey Millions (i am OTHER/HIT-A-LIK/TVPEDEXK/Caligula) when he encountered several members of the “Infamous” Mobb (Deep) including the H.N.I.C. himself….Prodigy.

TVPEDEXK: “So what happened?”

HU$TLE: “I walked out there as soon as the last take was done so I was by myself and Prodigy’s homeboy T-Dubbz asked me if I was smoking. I lit up, we got to talking.  They asked why I’m at the studio, I told them we’re recording and who Mike works for.  They asked what I do, I told them on this song I was rhyming and one of the engineers said ‘oh like Chris Webby?’ to which I essentially said ‘f*ck Chris Webby’ T-Dubbz starts laughing and tells me ‘spit somin'”

HU$TLE: “I knew I had to come correct so I rhymed this like 50 bars I’d recently dropped on the Meek (“So Sophisticated”) beat even though; it was unreleased the homie Wait What (@wtwht a.k.a. Charlie Kubal – Stanford Business School) had heard it and told me he thought it was dope or whatever.”

TVPEDEXK: “So y’all were in a cypha?”

HU$TLE: “Na, na, not exactly I mean…P wasn’t right next to us the whole time but he was definitely within ear shot and about halfway through he walked over and told me to start the freestyle over again.  I ended up rhyming for about 7 minutes and by this time Sickabod and Hydro had walked onto the roof so they were privy to everything that happened as well.”


TVPEDEXK: “There are reports that the H.N.I.C. verbalized intentions to form a (live) band (the name of which we cannot reveal at this time) and also expressed curiosity with regard to the potential musicianship Hit-A-Lik had/has to offer.”

HU$TLE: “That’s true and we definitely let him (P) know that we’d be more than happy to form a band on the strength and take it from there…The name idea he has (for the band) is really dope.  T-Dubbz and I exchanged math so we’ll see…Honestly I’m just humbled the cat who wrote “Shook Ones” even listened to me rhyme.  Additionally I would like to thank Matty Conlin (Fluent Inc.) for sponsoring this recording session.  Without his gracious and unconditional support as a friend and fellow Catholic this would never have happened.”

@hydroslanger, @mrconlin1, @boxercmoney
@hydroslanger, @mrconlin1, @boxercmoney